DIY 10,000 Steps a Day

DIY 10,000 stepsSure, 10,000 steps (5 miles) a day, seems impossible, but it is 100% doable. Ever since I was gifted with the pedometer, the FitBit, I've been on a roll. In previous years I've owned a couple different pedometers, which in all honesty were a joke compared to the FitBit. This nifty gadget is extremely accurate (trust me, I've tried to cheat) and it gives some great information,  i.e. steps, miles, calories, active measuring. If that doesn't get you excited, you might like the fact that the battery life is unbeatable, you rarely have to plug it in.

Anywho, some of you may be wondering, why take on the 10,000 step challenge? Well isn't it obvious, I work a 9-5, which means I sit in a chair all day. That's right, a chair, 8 hours a day, 5 times a week. Thrilling, I know, but very bad for my health. You would think sitting all day would make someone fully rested and ready to hit the gym come 5pm, right?  Ha, just the opposite, for some reason I'm more inclined to cruise home to my comfy couch. It seems that by 3pm lethargy kicks in, making my morning aspiration of hitting the gym after work non existent.

Here are some fun stats to think about when sitting:
  1.  Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise.
  2. Sitting makes us fat. 1 in 3 Americans is obese.
  3. With the advent of TV, computers, and the desk job, we're sitting down more than ever before in history: 9.3 hours a day, even more time than we spend sleeping (7.7 hours).
  4. How sitting wrecks your body: Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%, Electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off, calorie burning drops to 1 per minute.
  5. Those who sit 3 hours or more per day are 64% more likely to die from heart disease.
You can find more of these stats at:

Here are some tips to reaching 10,000 steps:
  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and stroll around the neighborhood. It doesn't matter if your in your PJ's or workout gear, personally I wear whatever I can get my hands on without opening my eyes. The main goal is to get some activity, it doesn't matter if it's a mile or 30 steps, anything is better than nothing.
  2. Park your car at the very back of the parking lot. Sure, we all want the front parking spots, but think of it as a win-win; your getting more steps and allowing others to benefit from your generosity.
  3. Take your 2 ten minute breaks and go for a walk. It's okay to use them, it's the law. 
  4. Walk during your lunch break. This one is pretty tough, but grab a buddy or your Ipod, and cruise out the door. Sure sneakers and dress pants aren't the best look, but you never know who will be inspired by your courageous fashion statement and want to join in on the walking trend.
  5. Fill up your water bottle (You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces).  Everybody can benefit from drinking more H20, trust me I'm one of them. This nifty one will  give you extra steps to the kitchen and bathroom.
  6. If at the end of the day you're pooped and not in the mood to hit the gym, simply go home, drop off your stuff, and head back out for a walk. If the thought of changing clothes deters you, then don't, just head out the door.  The moment you take this step, you'll feel empowered by the thought of obtaining your goal. For me, it's a pain to head to the gym sometimes, but to walk outside? shoot that can't be to hard, right? Exactly, even if that means doing constant laps around the neighborhood.
 Remember, this challenge is about bettering your health, not judging yourself if you fall short.

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