DIY Propagating Succulents

Succulents are one of the few plants that can be propagated. What does that mean?  A single succulent leaf, when cut and planted, can produce a new succulent. Propagating succulents is an easy and  great way to increase your collection. Before you start de-leafing your plants, it's good to note that not all succulents can be propagated. Since I'm obsessed with having succulents in my wedding, I've decided to try propagating my own batch. If interested in propagating succulents, check out my tutorial below.

Succulent Propagating Tutorial:

propagating succulents
Step 1. Gather leaf cuttings (Break the leaf off at the stem)
Step 2. Place leaves out for 3 days (Don't put in direct sunlight)

Step 3. After 3 days, plant each leaf tip barely under soil (Use cactus soil)
 Step 4. Once roots are visible, plant firmly under soil
Step 5. Water once a week, and watch them grow!
Caution: If your succulents start looking bleached out or the tips start to turn orange, take immediate action and place succulents in indirect lighting. This is the first sign that the plant is getting too much direct light and if you catch it early enough, the succulent will restore to its natural coloring after a couple weeks in indirect lighting.  The picture below is an example of too much direct light.

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